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Say We Can Fly To Play Acoustic Promo Dates In The UK

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TORONTO - Braden Barrie will take his SayWeCanFly project across the pond for several acoustic promotional live dates in the UK in the new year.

Barrie will showcase music from the upcoming SayWeCanFly release, Between The Roses, at four dates in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and London in late January.

"It's been a dream of mine to tour the UK for as long as I can remember," said the 20-year-old Toronto native. "It always looked beautiful to me and I'm honored to share my music with the people there. My following there is has grown over the years and I'm so happy to know I will have the chance see some of the faces of those who support me from the other side of the world."

Barrie took SayWeCanFly on a one-man acoustic run through the United States this past fall and is now preparing for the release of SayWeCanFly's first full-length album. Pre-orders for January 22 release of Between The Roses will be taken via iTunes beginning December 18.

"I will be performing songs from the new album on the tour, so I'm hoping everyone has heard the new tracks by then," Barrie said.

SayWeCanFly already has an established following around the world, thanks in large part to Barrie's social media outreach and personal connection with fans.

"I would like everyone over there to know how much it means to me that they listen to music created by someone so far away," said Barrie. "Feeling love from people so far away is one of the most incredible things I've ever experienced. It's a comfort to know that I already have friends in a country I've never been to."

SayWeCanFlyDates are as follow:

Monday, 26 January - o2 Academy 3 - Birmingham, England

Tuesday, 27 January - Ruby Lounge - Manchester, England

Wednesday, January 28 - o2 ABC 2 - Glasgow, Scotland

Friday, 30 January - o2 Academy Islington 2 - London, England




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TORONTO - Pre-orders for SayWeCanFly's January 22 debut full-length,Between The Roses, will be available beginning December 18 via iTunes.

Fans who place pre-orders will have immediate access to two tracks from the album, "Song of the Sparrow" and "The Distance that Took You Away." Additional special merchandise packages will also be available during the pre-order period.

"It feels absolutely amazing to know the album is finally ready to be released into the world," said Braden Barrie, the heart and soul behind SayWeCanFly. "I started working on the songs in December of 2013, and the whole journey from writing in my bedroom, having to record the album twice, all the way to working on the release plan has helped me grow so much as both a person and a musician. I'm excited to take the step from an EP to a full length, and I can't wait for everyone to hear the new songs on Between The Roses."

At just 20 years old, Barrie's highly personal lyrics have connected deeply with young audiences around the world, offering a sense of hope, inspiration, and understanding, yet they possess a maturity far beyond his years.

"Every time I release a piece of music, it feels like I'm taking a step forward in my life and moving forward from the experiences I've captured in those songs," Barrie said. "Because this album happens to be a full length and has taken over so much of my heart and soul over the past year, it feels like I'm about to share the biggest piece of my story yet. Knowing I have support from so many amazing people eases the feeling of vulnerability for me.Between The Roses tells the story of how love and pain have worked together to create the person I have become. This album means the world to me."

SayWeCanFly's initial success has been due to a strong social media presence that allowed Barrie to reach a large audience that have becomededicated followers of his music. But the connection is deeper than just the music.

"Talking to the lovely people on Twitter, Facebook, et cetera makes me just as happy as it makes the people I interact with," he said. "Being reminded of how much I am loved and that my music actually means something to people is very important to me because sometimes it's easy to forget. I love sharing my journey with everyone, because everyone is a part of my journey. I want everyone who cares about SayWeCanFly to know they are an important piece my life. As I grow and learn more about myself and being an artist, I love using social media to connect more and more."

Between The Roses will be available for streaming on Spotify, Soundcloud, the official SayWeCanFly Smartphone app, and many other online sites after the official release date.


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