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Mazur PR, Say We Can Fly, Michael MazurTORONTO - SayWeCanFly will debut a brand new video for "When I Come Home" from the Darling EP, available on Epitaph Records, this Wednesday, June 15.

The concept for the clip came to singer/songwriter Braden Barrie while in the midst of a 10-hour drive between tour stops. "It was a beautiful moonlit night in Arizona," he said. "My phone was dead, so all I could do was stare out the window and think. That's when the universe gave me the idea for this music video."

SayWeCanFly, Video, Mazur PR, Michael MazurThe video was filmed by Reel Tang Films, marking their sixth video collaboration, and edited by Barrie in a coffee-fueled overnight editing session. "I love editing my own videos," said Barrie. "I feel like it's the best way for me to convey my point. I'm really proud of this one."

"When I Come Home" is an uplifting, hopeful track, with a video that stands in sharp contrast. Driving in his car all alone on deserted roads, Barrie sings those positive words while he wrestles with the shadows lurking deep within his soul.

"I've always felt that contrast tells my stories in the most powerful way," said Barrie. "I wanted to dive a little deeper into the darkness within. The skeleton character I play in this video is the continuation of the character in my previous video for 'Driftwood Heart.' He has transcended the pain and become part of it. He accepts it. Just like we all have to at some point."

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OSLO, Norway - Vardøger, the first of three short films by noted Norwegian shock filmmaker Reinert Kiil and set to Mortiis' "Geisteskrank," will officially see release today, debuting on Decibel magazine's website at 11 a.m. EDT.

Kiil's mind-blowing visuals accompany Mortiis' track, recorded during the same sessions that yielded Mortiis' latest work, The Great Deceiver.

"The video unpleasantness continues," said Mortiis, who has already unveiled three graphically-intense videos from

The Great Deceiver. "A while back Norwegian horror director Reinert Kiil started his short film trilogy based on his own ugly descent into depravity and violence. Never ones to turn our backs to a good cause, we leaped at the opportunity to provide the soundtrack to what is essentially a good old bashing.

Vardøger is the first part. I've seen the next one, and it just keeps getting worse."

Kiil began toying around with filmmaking as an adolescent. The director has now gained notoriety as Norway's only Grindhouse filmmaker. Kiil's work with Mortiis is his first musical collaboration. Both parties were intrigued by the idea of delving into the other's artform, but both were waiting to find that kindred soul to capture a shared essence. Mortiis and Kiil found that in each other.

"The music is sonically fused with a glimpse of his soul - or crazed mind or whatever it might be - and it is complete, a sordid success," Mortiis said. "The result is sleazy, strange, disturbing, and extremely violent."

Vardøger featuring "Geisteskrank"

The band will return to the UK in April for a small warm-up tour, with full tour plans to follow.

May 23rd NEWCASTLE Cluny

May 24th GLASGOW Audio

May 25th MANCHESTER Ruby

May 26th BIRMINGHAM O2 Institute

May 27th BRIGHTON Haunt

May 28th LONDON Garage

May 29th BRISTOL Fleece

Tickets are on sale now at:

http://www.ticketweb.co.uk | https://www.stargreen.com

Check out the recently released videos for the tracks "Demons are Back," "Doppelganger" and "The Shining Lamp of God," all taken from The Great Deceiver:

"Demons are Back"


"The Shining Lamp of God"






Image: Mortiis, Demons Are Back, Free Download, Mazur PR, Michael MazurOSLO - Mortiis will offer "Demons are Back," the third single from the new release

The Great Deceiver, as a free download single on April 1.

The download will also include a remix by Marc Urselli, and uncensored version of the video, screensavers, Facebook-ready headers and band photos.

The download is available here: CLICK HERE.


Image: Beltfed Weapon, Mazur PR, Michael MazurSEATTLE - When it came time for guitarist Frank Hetzel to beginning writing and recording the second album from his band Beltfed Weapon, there was no question the D'haitre would be his guitar of choice.

Founded in 1990 by Andy Beech, the Washington-based company produces high-quality, custom guitars.

Image: Beltfed Weapon, Mazur PR, Michael Mazur

"What I love most about my D'haitre guitars is how they feel," Hetzel said. "The neck and the fret board feel like butter and the tone that comes from them is like heaven. Andy uses top-grade wood and everything is done by hand. There is nothing that can't be built for any style of player."

As an admirer and player of D'haitre since long before he received an official endorsement, Hetzel was excited to welcome the luthier into the fold of Beltfed Weapon for the band's latest release, Raining Plague, after years of inviting Beech to perform solos on his songs.

"I've known Frank since the mid-'90s," Beech said "My band was playing and he approached me after the show and asked me if I'd give him lessons. We did just that, and became friends. He also became one of my best customers. I think he owns 11 D'haitres!"

For Hetzel's latest D'haitre, he chose an ebony fretboard and aluminum inlays with mahogany. "The look and feel of these guitars is amazing," he said. "D'haitre guitars are without a doubt the true custom choice. Once you play one, you will be sold."





Image: The Great Deceiver, Mortiis, Mazur PR, Michael MazurOSLO - The Great Deceiver, the long-awaited ninth album from Norway's Mortiis will officially see release today, March 4 via Omnipresence, and a video for the album's "Demons are Back" has been revealed in conjunction.

The Great Deceiver's long and tortured state of evolution took its toll equally on the band and its namesake, leading Mortiis to so much as state that the record killed the band. "As important as is it to myself and who I have become, I haven't been able to think about it in any way other than 'I need to just get this thing out of my life and behind me before I lose my mind,'" he said.

Saturated with themes of anger, greed, confusion, self-doubt and re-discovery, The Great Deceiver is undoubtedly Mortiis' most mature album to date. But that maturity came at a great cost mentally. "When we started talking about it and writing the record, we were a band, we had two managements, merch deals and tours were happening," Mortiis said. "During the course of the writing, recording, re-writing, and re-recording, we lost the connection with almost everyone. There were fallings out with band members to the point where we had to let them go. It was usually about delusion and defeat, the realization of being f**ked with and not getting the recognition deserved. It was never pretty, but in hindsight always understandable.

"I have been accused of being a lot of things: self-centered, manipulative, unstable, hot- headed, paranoid, the list goes on. Most everyone I have spent some time with have had beefs with me. They´re all right, too...it's the price of being driven and passionate - or just narrow minded and obsessive - about something is often the loss of friends and colleagues."

The Great Deceiver builds on Mortiis' past dabbling in metal and industrial, with aggressive guitar-driven crossover metal meeting industrial-type electronics. Although genre-defying, The Great Deceiver is Mortiis' most accessible release to date.

With its hauntingly memorable chorus, "Demons are Back" is a perfect example of this accessibility, while also providing an overall narrative for the album.

"Anger, resentment...I hate everyone," the band's namesake said. "These feelings are like waves. During the 'good times' they are far away in the distance, and occasionally they come washing ashore in huge waves of 'I hate everyone.' It's a thin line between being in sync with the world and wanting to annihilate everyone you see. 'Demons are Back' is a conflicted song, in the sense that I let both sides in, or out, and both voices are heard. It's therapeutic in a sense, and in another sense it is chaotic and confusing. But, again, I try to create some sort of positivity in the harangue of spitefulness. It's really down to the logical, sensible me, telling the disturbed, pessimistic me to chill out."

The video shows a grotesquely-masked voyeur watching dystopian scenes of utter despair, sadism and eventually, suicide through an array of TV screens, as his own life ends violently. "The mask was inspired partly by a very violent dream I once had," said Mortiis. "The violence was absolutely relentless."

The clip uses scenes from writer/director Charlie Deaux's Zoetrope, a film based upon Franz Kafka's In the Penal Colony. At the suggestion of Deaux, whom Mortiis previously work with on "The Grudge" video, the band spent a day in Oslo filming additional footage to splice in with images from the original film. With a minimal set and crew - guitarist Levi Gawron acting as directing and Mortiis himself handling special effects - the band captured original scenes that seamlessly compliment those from Zoetrope in frantic stop-motion created by Deaux himself.

"Demons are Back" is available here:

Mortiis previously offered a glimpse at the new material trough two videos and free downloads for the tracks "Doppleganger" and "The Shining Lamp of God," as well as on a warm-up tour in the US with Mushroomhead late last year. The band will return to the UK for another small warm-up just after The Great Deceiver's release, with full tour plans to follow.

MORTIIS 'demons are back' UK TOUR

May 23rd NEWCASTLE Cluny

May 24th GLASGOW Audio

May 25th MANCHESTER Ruby

May 26th BIRMINGHAM O2 Institute

May 27th BRIGHTON Haunt

May 28th LONDON Garage

May 29th BRISTOL Fleece





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