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At last, 'XXV,' the long awaited album from heavy proggers Pallas is to be released on April 26, 2011 on the Music Theories Recordings label.  It will be the first album to feature new vocalist Paul Mackie and as previously announced it is the sequel to the band's hugely successful ‘The Sentinel’ album 25 years on.

With the 25th Anniversary of 'The Sentinel' approaching, work commenced on a new studio album, and the theme chosen was what would have happened after the optimistic celebratory ending of 'The Sentinel' had been corrupted by human nature and the Sentinel's returned to take their experiment to its ultimate completion.

Thus 'XXV' was born.  During the progress of the writing and rehearsing a decision was made to replace singer Alan Reed with locally based Paul Mackie.

Five years after their last studio album, Pallas will return with the  follow up of the progressive rock classic 'The Sentinel.'  The band signed a new record deal with the Mascot Label Group, and celebrated this early September 2010 with a headline performance at the famous German open air theatre Loreley.

XXV will be performing live during 2011 all over Europe.  Pallas has already headlined the IO Pages Festival near Den Haag.

Track List for CD and DVD:

01 Falling Down

02 Crash And Burn

03 Something In The Deep

04 Monster

04 The Alien Messiah

05 XXV Part 1:

Twentyfive Good Honest Men

06 Young God

07 Sacrifice

08 Blackwood

09 Violet Sky

10 XXV Part 2:

The Unmakers Awake

* Tracks appear in a different order on Vinyl


Limited Edition DVD with:

Falling Down, Monster, Young God,

Violet Sky, Day On The Rock,Night On The Rock

(Filmed at Loreley “The Rock Entertainment”)

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