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'Warm Winter' is an epic Art Rock album by Tim Bowness (No-Man) and Giancarlo Erra (Nosound). Memories Of Machines 10 track debut album 'Warm Winter' is available on Music Theories Recordings (Mascot Label Group).

While occasionally drawing on the atmospheric nature of their main bands, MoM carves out a unique space for itself with an emphasis placed on direct songwriting and powerful instrumental arrangements as much as on mood.

Recorded in the UK, the US, Italy and Sweden, Warm Winter includes stellar guest contributions from the likes of Peter Hammill (Van Der Graaf Generator), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, No-Man etc), Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Jim Matheos (OSI/Fates Warning) and Ricard Huxflux Nettermalm (Paatos).

Offering an ambitious yet accessible combination of epic Art Rock and bittersweet, singer-songwriter intimacy, the album contrasts rich melodies, soaring choruses and stunning guitar solos (Warm Winter, Before We Fall) with ethereal Ambient experiments (Lost And Found In The Digital World), and haunting, narrative-driven songs, such as the highly personal Schoolyard Ghosts.

Shifting from the sweetly delirious optimism of Change Me Once Again and Beautiful Songs You Should Know to the desolate self-reflection of the closing Electronica / Chamber Classical hybrid At The Centre Of It All, Warm Winter is an astonishingly assured and emotionally cohesive debut that ably highlights the sympathetic musical chemistry between Bowness and Erra. „Warm Winter is an album that carries more significant personal history with it than virtually any other in my catalogue“, says Tim Bowness. „Love (and hope) ending, love (and life) beginning, and the sense of submitting to something outside oneself are the predominant lyrical themes explored on the album, with each song evoking specific events and places in sometimes abstract and sometimes direct ways. For me, what could have been an obvious, ethereal No-Man / Nosound hybrid relatively effortlessly became an accessible and compositionally solid album, with a great deal of heart and instrumental strength“, Bowness recall.

The idea of collaboration with Bowness & Erra was first discussed in 2005 and initially took shape in October of that year.  First recordings took place in Rome in April 2006 and New York in September of the same year. The next couple of years both worked on Nosound or No-Man, but managed from time to time to write and having sessions for Memories Of Machines in Sweden and the UK.

As is the 21st Century way, the guest performances on 'Warm Winter' were contributed both in real time and via the internet. The likes of Colin Edwin, Peter Hammill, Julianne Regan, Jim Matheos and Huxflux Nettermalm sent wonderful musical additions via the world wide web, while Steven Wilson, Marianne de Chastelaine and the entirety of Nosound and Henry Fool worked directly in the studio with Giancarlo and Tim.

What began in the breezy Roman Spring of 2006 ended in the freezing British Winter of late 2010, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) was brought in to give the project a greater sense of sonic cohesion and to provide a more objective perspective on what we’d done.

As with his mixing on Anathema’s 'We’re Here Because We’re Here', Steven helped tie the pieces together even more effectively. He gave the album a power and clarity.

Subsequently, Steven’s work was further enhanced by Jon Astley’s (The Who, Led Zeppelin, Tori Amos) mastering at Close To The Edge (formerly, Eel Pie Studio, the home of Pete Townshend).

'Warm Winter' will be released on the 18th April 2011 as CD housed in a stylish Digipac with 16 page booklet and will be also available on vinyl.

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