Fans Express Destructive Pleasure Via Five New Mortiis Remix Kits

Mortiis has uploaded five new remix kits to the Mortiis Remixed website, making a total of eight songs available for fans to use and abuse.

The site ( is a forum that allows anyone with access to music programs such as Live, Cubase, Logic, Garageband, and the like to download separated tracks and loops and create their own remixes.

"We got a bunch of mixes in return on the first batch of songs and we uploaded all the remixes to the player at Mortiis Remixed for everyone to hear,” Mortiis said.  “We hope this will be as successful as it was last time around.”

As an added incentive for fans to destruct and reconstruct as creatively as they can, the group is considering pulling the best contributions for inclusion on a future download remix album.

"Some of the remixes we got from the fans last time were so creative that we think they could be  worthy of having their own release," Mortiis said. "It's a great opportunityfor us to encourage fans to stretch the limits of their imaginations and create something cool for us, as well as themselves."

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