LNF PRO Introduces TJ Nix and Paul Plumeri - Blues in Disguise Through Series of Video Shorts

Blues in Disguise has teamed up with filmmaker and fellow Trenton, N.J., native Joseph Cap of LNF PRO for a series of video “shorts” designed to introduce fans to the group’s versatile take on blues.

A series of seven clips will be released this fall through the band's site www.bluesindisguise.com, starting today with an introductory interview with the band’s founders, TJ Nix and Paul Plumeri.

The following clips will show behind-the-scenes footage at the band’s rehearsal space and live footage from one of Blues in Disguise’s powerful live performances at the historic Patriots Theater at the War Memorial.

“Working with TJ and Paul through this entire process has been a great experience,” said Cap, who came to know Plumeri while working on a feature film about Plumeri’s former band mate, New Jersey rocker Duke Williams of Duke Williams and the Extremes (Capricorn) fame.  “I gained a great appreciation for a great band.  I look forward to creating more music videos to compliment all the amazing tracks on their new CD!”

The debut album from Blues in Disguise is available on Poolhouse Records (distributed in North America by MRI/RED Distribution).

Combining tried and true blues classics with a blues-jam synthesis (think Muddy Waters meets the Allmans), Blues in Disguise delivers all around.  When Nix’s hard-charging harmonica attack meets Plumeri’s incredible guitar presence, it’s clear that Blues in Disguise means business.

Blues in Disguise is rounded out by members Angelo DiBraccio (sax), Nick Hutton (acoustic guitar), Jerry Monk (bass), and Michael White (drums).

Reviews of ‘Blues in Disguise’ have been exceptional:

"Don't dig into ‘Blues in Disguise’ expecting meandering blues jams.  This raucous-yet-tightly-knit musical offering validates why the term ‘Trenton blues’ represents an ongoing, viable, and, most likely, way-overlooked facet of the blues genre."  -- Willie G. Moseley, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“’Blues in Disguise’ is a nonstop groove-fest that falls somewhere between the great Chess Records dates of the 1950s, the horn-laden pomp of Roomful of Blues and the six-string workouts of The Allman Brothers Band. TJ Nix’s diabolical diatonic harp skills float a string
of melodic ideas that mesh perfectly with guitarist Paul Plumeri’s daring jazzy and funky phrasings. ‘Blues in Disguise’ is just as heady as it is heavy.” -- Will Romano, author of Big Boss Man: The Life & Music of Bluesman Jimmy Reed

For more information on Blues in Disguise, visit www.bluesindisguise.com.  For more information on LNF PRO, visit www.lnfpro.com.


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