LNF Pro Documents the Build-Up to Sold-Out Blues in Disguise Show

The second segment in a series of videos following Trenton-based blues-fusion group Blues in Disguise has been unveiled.

The video, produced by Joseph Cap of LNF PRO, gives a look into the behind-the-scenes world of Blues in Disguise its founders TJ Nix and Paul Plumeri are interviewed for a local television news broadcast and as they sound check for a performance at Trenton’s historic Patriots Theater at the War Memorial.

“This segment is a segway to the show,” Cap said.  “It’s the build-up prior to the show, days before, cut to live rehearsal footage one hour before the show.”

The sound check footage offers a glimpse into the powerhouse that is Blues in Disguise. Playing to an empty room, the group's musical passion is on par with its later performance to a sold-out house.

"There was electric in the room at sound check," Nix said.  "After putting our hearts and souls and over a year of recording and rehearsing into this music, the anticipation alone of performing it was giving me goose bumps. I live for that feeling - the crowd, the music, the response is my compass.  Sometimes I would like to think that these and all the old blues artists of past are channeling their creations though us."

This footage combined with a short interview shows all facets of Blues in Disguise, from their musical prowess to their powerful live show to the band’s sense of humor when they all get together in “The Poolhouse,” the rehearsal space for which their record label was named.

Five additional video clips will be released via www.bluesindisguise.com in the coming weeks.

The debut album from Blues in Disguise is available on Poolhouse Records (distributed in North America by MRI/RED Distribution).

Combining tried and true blues classics with a blues-jam synthesis (think Muddy Waters meets the Allmans), Blues in Disguise delivers all around.  When Nix’s hard-charging harmonica attack meets Plumeri’s incredible guitar presence, it’s clear that Blues in Disguise means business.

Blues in Disguise is rounded out by members Angelo DiBraccio (sax), Nick Hutton (acoustic guitar), Jerry Monk (bass), and Michael White (drums).

For more information on Blues in Disguise, visit www.bluesindisguise.com.  For more information on LNF PRO, visit www.lnfpro.com.

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