LOS ANGELES - Michael Grandinetti hopes that, by the end of the summer, people around the country will be feeling one thing - true and utter amazement. Recently named by Entertainment Weekly as "a great magician who can truly communicate with a TV audience" and one of the popular stars of last year's hit series Masters of Illusion on The CW (which has currently aired in 106 different countries around the world), Grandinetti has many surprises in store when he returns for both season two of Masters of Illusion and the brand new magic series Don't Blink on Pop TV in July.

Hosted by actor Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), Masters of Illusion premieres on Friday, July 10 (8:00-8:30pm EST/PST) on The CW. The 13 all-new half-hour episodes will feature cutting-edge grand illusions, daring escapes, fascinating sleight of hand, interactive mind magic, and hilarious comedy routines, all performed in front of a live audience in Hollywood by some of the world's top illusionists.

Don't Blink on Pop TV (July premiere date TBD) takes viewers inside the world of underground street magicians as they perform incredible tricks before the general public and celebrity guests in each hour-long episode. For the series, Grandinetti performed magic at locations including Hollywood Blvd, The Grove, Venice Beach, and Universal Studios.

Last year, Michael performed some of his favorite illusions on season one of Masters of Illusion, including levitating 10 feet above the stage, shrinking a girl to the size of a basketball, and vanishing from high above the stage and reappearing in the center of the audience. For season two and for Don't Blink, Michael filmedover 30 brand new illusions, many of which have never been seen on television before, including:

Image: Michael Grandinetti, Magician, magic tricks, mazur pr, michael mazurTest Conditions Levitation

The classic levitation illusion is pushed to its limits as Michael levitates a girl while she is surrounded by 10 audience members holding super bright LED flashlights, which they are invited to wave above, around, and behind the floating girl.

iPhone Transposition

Michael visibly causes an object in his hand to change places with an object in a photo on an audience member's iPhone

The Painting

In an artist's studio, Michael visibly pulls a woman from a large, 6-foot-tall tall painting, into the real world. Moments later, she vanishes and reappears back in the painting, but now with a special souvenir Michael has given her.

Sleight of Arm

The image of a card, thought of by a member of the audience, appears under her hand on Michael's arm

Crystal Appearance

A borrowed necklace vanishes from an audience member's hands and reappears on the neck of a beautiful dancer, who instantly materializes in an elevated Plexiglas box.

Walking Through Steel

At Universal Studios Hollywood, Michael makes grand illusion up-close and personal as he walks through a 7-foot-tall wall of solid, examined steel, while the audience surrounds the magic only a few feet away.

This is just the beginning of the wide range of magic that Michael performed with objects including sea shells, water bottles, fire, necklaces, silver coins, lipstick, razor blades, goldfish, and more.

"I'm honored to be able to play a part in bringing magic to audiences across the country in both of these exciting series," Michael said. "I'm so proud of how both shows turned out and can't wait for people to see the new magic we spent the last year creating. My hope is that viewers will be able to sit down, at least for 30 minutes, forget about the hectic pace of their day, and feel like a kid again."

Not your ordinary magician, Michael Grandinetti is a modern young illusionist with contemporary style, an inventory of stunning original illusions, and an engaging personality. Michael's career history boasts performances on television series and specials (NBC's The World's Most Dangerous Magic, CW's Masters of Illusion, Entertainment Tonight, SportsCenter, Pardon the Interruption, The Bold and the Beautiful), for NFL halftime shows while surrounded by 70,000 people, with Oscar-winning composer Marvin Hamlisch and symphony orchestras, in theaters, casinos, and arenas around the country and even at The White House. Michael was recently the first illusionist ever invited to appear in the National Independence Day Parade in Washington DC, where he levitated a girl high above a float as it moved down Constitution Avenue as 250,000 people lined the streets. This is magic on a major scale. Earlier this year, Michael performed the halftime show for the Atlantic 10 Men's Basketball Championship at Barclays Center in New York City and for the Chicago Bulls NBA playoff game at United Center in Chicago, causing commentators Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley to comment in amazement during the live "NBA on TNT" broadcast.

In the crowded world of entertainment, what makes Michael stand out is his personality. A true "people person", whether he is performing a massive grand illusion or intimate sleight of hand, Michael's sincerity and passion for his work comes across the footlights and creates a strong bond with his audience. During his two-month headlining run at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino last summer, several audience members returned to the show as many as 7 times and audience members routinely followed him from location to location during the tapings of Don't Blink.

Born and raised in West Mifflin, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Grandinetti, 37, has been performing magic now for over 30 years. Since first starting in magic, he has grown from a child practicing card tricks and performing neighborhood shows, to working hard to achieve large and challenging goals, to amassing a resume beyond most other magicians on the performing scene today. Michael currently resides in Los Angeles.

Masters of Illusion is from Associated Television International with executive producers David McKenzie (The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards," "Marie"), Al Schwartz (The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards," "The Golden Globe Awards" 2013 & 2014, "The Gulf is Back"), Gay Blackstone ("The World Magic Awards 2007-2009) and David Martin ("Marie"), along with co-executive producers Justin Pierce ("The Rocky Saga: Going the Distance") and Jim Romanovich ("Inside Story: Ferris Bueller's Day Off"). Sony Pictures Television will handle the show's international distribution. Don't Blink is produced by Associated Television International as well.

Michael's 2015 sizzle reel can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWvtvEHtOgw

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