Level-C Biography

Christine Maynard - vocals

Christina Crago - guitar

Janean Marie Buch - bass

Misty Everson - drums


“Tryyyy to take control of me,” chants Level-C during the chorus of "No Control." As if anyone could restrain these four women. From start to finish, front to back, audiences connect with Level-C. “We deliver concerts,” says vocalist Christine Maynard. “Actually, let me put it to you this way. I stretch before shows because I give all I have, and damn am I sore the next day.”


Multiply that star dedication by ten and you have their 2008 debut, Level-C (Locomotive/Ryko), an album whose electricity gets in your veins, becoming a part of you. The Cleveland, Ohio, group, founded in 2002, has forged their full-throated heavy metal ecstasy through the alchemy of invention and experience. The fact that they are downright hot chicks is icing on the cake.


"Four years of continuous playing went into this album," explains guitarist Christina Crago in short. From the rousing album opener, "Ignite Us," to the mid-tempo mood of the finisher, "Misery," the band maintains warrior intensity throughout.

Drummer Misty Everson points out that each of the ten songs on Level-C went through a long incubation period. "All the songs on the album get an awesome response because we experimented a lot at live shows. We will step away from a song we're writing for a couple month and then go back to it, and we're like, 'What were we thinking?' or 'Let's expand on that more.'"

As a result, whether letting the bass cut out and the guitar line swirl on one part, or changing tempo with mathematical certitude in another, the little details matter in this band. Bassist Janean Buch says, “It begins and ends with the audience,” giving us an inside feeling as she relives a show, “bass in one hand ... intro echoing through the room and screams of fans … You first take a step on stage in the pitch black and all they see is a shadow and the crowd goes wild. Now, I feel like I can breathe.” As she takes a deep breath and exhales the twisted melody of “Suck a Fist.”

That’s right, an all female band delivering their own tracks came up the old familiar DIY way, piling into a cheap van, doing low-dough gigs just to get out there and play, even ditching their day jobs at home in order to make it happen. They've surpassed the odds and continue to grow.

Crago puts a personal spin on the band's collective vision. "My mission for music is basically for the audience," she says. "I love guitar, I love music, and I love seeing fans dig our music and get away from their daily life with it. It's us giving them an outlet to forget about reality for a moment. Put us on in your car; forget about someone yelling at you at work."


Performing in the US and using the Internet and airwaves to broadcast World Wide, Level-C has been blasting a message to the heavy metal world. Foundation in place, they are here to stay.





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