Matt Mercado Goes Kinda Country, Sorta Pop on First Solo Release

“Kinda Sorta,” the first solo album from accomplished musician Matt Mercado, will be released April 22 on Dark Star Records.

Along with his backing band the Amazing Devils, “Kinda Sorta” explores the repertoire of a versatile musician through an acoustic pop/rock/country blend that defies simple classification.

“I liked the album name ‘Kinda Sorta’ because it fit the music,” Mercado said. “Kinda rock, sorta acoustic, country… If you enjoy different genres of music then this record is for you.”

Mercado is most well-known for his work with heavier bands, starting with Mercury recording artists Mindbomb in the early ‘90s, which was honored with the prestigious “Most Under Rated Artist of the Last 20 years” award in the 20th anniversary issue of “Metal Edge” magazine, followed by Pivot Man (signed to the Warner subsidiary Mystic Records), then most recently with Supermercado, which was featured on the Gold-certified "Flat Out Ultimate Carnage" soundtrack. Despite this, Mercado’s roots lay in the acoustic base on which he began writing songs in his teens. “Kinda Sorta,” his first solo album of Mercado’s seven national releases, allowed him to explore those roots without boundaries.

“I’ve learned that not everyone is going to enjoy the music that you create, so I stopped pandering to the masses and just make music that moves me,” he said. “If I’m feeling agitated, I’ll probably write something abrasive. To me, this is a very happy record, and when I wrote it I was miserable. Not much would bring a smile to my face but almost every time I listened to the tunes I would light up. I started this as a release, I suppose. When I first started playing music as a kid, acoustic guitar was one of my first instruments. I’ve always been in love with the sound of it. There’s no hiding behind layers of distorted guitars and vocal processing.” Mercado and the Amazing Devils will play a rare live show at the record release party for “Kinda Sorta” at the Elbo Room in Chicago on April 25, the weekend following its release.

“There will be more shows with a full band like the record, but they will be few and far between,” Mercado said. “With my obligations to produce artists in my recording studio Sonicpalace, I really have to steal time for myself these days. I would like to work up a set just with just me and acoustic guitar so I can randomly show up to open mics, on the street corner - anywhere - just as a surprise!”

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