Mortiis Conquers the Web with New Profiles at ReverbNation and Twitter

Mortiis is inviting fans to visit its new profile.

Fans will be able to keep up to date on the group’s latest activities, join the new Mortiis mailing list, and sign up to be a part of the Mortiis Street Team.

Under the Widgets and Banners tabs are customized banners ready to invade the internet plus a whole bunch of awesome widgets.

“Places like ReverbNation have made it a lot easier for bands like to us to set up great street teams and working more closely with our street team members,” said Mortiis. “When you’ve joined the Street Team, we’ll be able to communicate with you in a much more personal and cool way than before and we can’t wait to get to do that.”

The current Mortiis mailing list system will remain in place temporarily, but be sure to sign up at ReverbNation so as not to miss any future mailings. Click and check the box to join the street team.

The Hate Generation ( street team page will remain as the heart of the Street Team operation, and flyers, banners (such as flash banners not available at ReverbNation), and various links will be available there. The Hate Generation MySpace page ( will also remain.

Mortiis is also now on Twitter with a profile at

Mortiis has posted a selection of still shots from the band’s two upcoming videos at

The twisted images are a peak into the twisted minds of Norway’s dark industrial metal hybrid and are not for the faint of heart.

Mortiis recently completed the recording of “The Great Deceiver,” the band’s most ambitious and relentless recording to date.



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