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"Perfectly Defect"

During the two-year process of slaving over Mortiis’ upcoming full-length, “The Great Deceiver,” the members of the band – Mortiis (vocals), Levi Gawron (guitar), Ogee (guitar), and Chris Kling (drums) – also had some alternative ideas brewing in the back of their minds. Some of them stemmed from songs on “the Great Deceiver,” while some of the songs were completely separate monsters, more inspired by the music of other artists than the music they were laying down tracks for.

“Perfectly Defect” is a result of the process of creating “The Great Deceiver.”

“The inspiration was very diverse,” Mortiis says. “The album was made across a period of time, so musically the album is really all over the place. Several bands and artists we were listening to inspired us, but I knew the record wasn´t going to be this super heavy industrial metal thing like ‘The Great Deceiver’ turned out to be.”

“Perfectly Defect” reflects the diversity of inspiration. At times dark and broody with a soundtrack-y feel, at times showing the influence of Prodigy-type nastiness, and at times full of metallic noise and filtered walls of noise, “Perfectly Defect” is the flip side of Mortiis’ dual personality.

The album’s title is more than a name for “Perfectly Defect,” it is a reflection of the music within. “The title track is actually a really troubled song - it went through various titles and arrangements,” explains Mortiis. “Imagine someone so messed up inside, it almost borders on some sort of living piece of art. I was inspired by a certain human being when I wrote those lyrics. I thought the title also was befitting of the album itself because I thought it reflected the really asymmetrical, almost schizophrenic collection of songs."

Mortiis – the person – has had a career that has taken him down a myriad of musical paths, some similar and some starkly different.

“Often I wonder why I do this…I mean I love music, but every time I put an album on, I just end up dissecting it and comparing to my own work, which usually leaves me exhausted mentally and rather uninspired and somewhat skeptical towards my abilities to create something as good or better. I never learned the rules of music, the studio, or even performing. Nobody was ever around to show me anything, so it was always about dissecting other people´s work and trying the same things myself, and invariably I´d fail. Maybe that´s why my shit sometimes comes off sounding different from other records. I´ve just always been a bit of a misfit, even among misfits. Doing it my way is the only way I know.”

The one common factor is the catharsis he experiences through making music. Though cynical about the “industry” of the business, the musical process provides a cleansing experience for the musician.

“The times I feel like I´ve accomplished something just totally erradicate those other times when I feel like everything I´ve done has been a waste of time. It´s like a kind of high, nothing can really kill that feeling, that emotional state when all the shit and negativity, doubt, and self loathing is washed away. If only for a few moments. Those moments are everything to me.”

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