Pro-Pain Signs American Deal with Regain Records for Release of 'No End in Sight'

Pro-Pain has signed a deal with Regain Records for the release of its 11th album, “No End in Sight,” in North America.

“We feel that Swedish-based Regain Records is a solid and up and coming label here in the US,” said Gary Meskil. “They have a professional staff and the resources that are necessary to promote and further develop artists such as Pro-Pain. We look forward to a sound and successful partnership with Regain!”

"'No End in Sight' is a great record track after track," said Dennis Clapp, Managing Director, North America. "This was not a hard decision to make. Pro-Pain are also a very hard working band with a die-hard following and Regain is very happy to be working with them."

Together for 16 years, the New York-based band has developed a niche in the hardcore/metal scene with a sound distinctly its own.

Carrying that sound through the years, Pro-Pain has also taken liberties to grow and expand, and “No End in Sight” has been described as the band’s most melodic offering to date.

“I think that is an accurate description,” Meskil said. “The new CD offers a wide variety of styles, more so than any of its predecessors. However, a fair percentage of the recording is also very traditional - in the Pro-Pain sense - and sonically heavy. ‘No End in Sight’ is exactly the type of album that we wanted to create this time around, so we couldn't be more pleased with it.”

Regain Records opened its North American office New York in late 2006. The label plans to expand and develop its diverse roster. Based in Sweden, the label’s European operation has a deep catalog that had previously been licensed out in North America.

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