Time Has Come Biography

Marcel Detels - Vocals
Dennis Kayzer - Guitar
Christoph Schiming - Drums
Lorenz Shranz - Bass

Often categorized differently…

Call it Hardcore, Grind, Technical Metal, Noise, Mathcore - call it whatever you want. TIME HAS COME combine raging, soul-searing vocals, pile-driving riffs, unrelenting mathematical drum fury, and high-end dissonance with the brute force of Hardcore and the musicianship of a Metal into an over the top wrecking ball, making even the most cynical of hard music veterans go cry to their mommies!

After existing for about four years, TIME HAS COME can look back on 100+ inland and abroad shows, on sold-out CDs, and blink-of-an-eye-gone merchandise. The band’s first output, a split-CD with Dead For Seven Weeks, received overwhelming reviews. In 2007 they released a four-track EP on the infamous tape-label Yehonala Records. Now the full length album is going to be released.

Since TIME HAS COME's very start, their destructive and tight live shows have always been a trademark and have kept crowds all over Europe speechless. They have shared stages with bands like Heaven Shall Burn, The Cursed, Walls Of Jericho, Deadlock, Hatesphere, and toured with their brothers in mind War From A Harlots Mouth and Brazil's No. 1 Metalcore export Confronto.

Fast forward to the present. A few members have left the ranks. There have been peaks and valleys, crosses to bear, and good times had by all. TIME HAS COME may have been underground for the last 12 months, but they are crawling their eight legs and hairy backs out onto the streets, with their bloodlust for new prey!

It is about time that these guys destroy the next venue in your hometown with their (self-)destructive live performance. This is not another Gothenburg rip-off, not another trendy Emo band, no lame youth crew Nike-nerds, no dull Hatebreed-wannabes, this is something unorthodox and unique with a love for destruction!

THC sound refreshingly organic in a time when everyone wants to sound like a computer, and it pays dividends! I LOVE those bizzare vocals too!! John Biscomb (Terrorizer Magazine, UK)


Track List:

01. Keep Your Tongue From Evil

02. A Clown Can Get Away With Murder

03. When The Promise Of Forever Becomes A Farewell On Lease

04. Something Draws Near From Nothing

05. Elevator To Prypiat

06. The Abadoned City (Part 1)

07. And No Matter How Fast You Run - You Are Always Moving In Slow Motion

08. The Abadoned City (Part 2)

09. Ignorance Is Bliss

10. The White Fuzz

Artists On Video

Metro Station - "Married In Vegas"

Say We Can Fly - "I Will Find My Soul"

SayWeCanFly - "Between The Roses"

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