The Underwater Schedule Live Dates

The Underwater has scheduled live dates in and around its home base of York, Penn., following the release of its new album, “Forces.”

The hard-working group toured nationally and internationally while promoting its EPs recorded prior to “Forces,” and now The Underwater is focusing on a string of dates before hitting the road for more full-fledged touring. Longtime fans in these areas will be thrilled about the return of The Underwater, a band that truly shines in the live arena.

“With all of the pressure and stress that goes along with being in a band, the live show is the one thing that is still just as exciting and fun to me as it was when I was a little kid in a garage band,” said guitarist Matt Holmes. “When I was younger, I remember not being able to sleep before a shitty little fire hall show because I was so nervous and excited. That’s the one part of the day that is my time and no one can take from me, and I hope I never lose that passion to play and perform.”

Through day and day out playing, The Underwater has developed an unforced chemistry and deep connection with the music they are playing that transcends any studio recording. “I think the best way to describe it is that everyone is on the same page and in the pocket together,” said drummer Pat Besecker. “When the band gets on stage, everybody knows what’s going to happen before it happens. That is special to me.”

“When you all become the music as opposed to just going through the motions and playing the music, you know it and start to develop that ‘flow’ and connection,” said Holmes. “That is the chemistry and that is what we work towards every tour.”

The live goal of The Underwater is simple: Accurately recreate the studio recordings with an extra dose of energy and power that can only be found in a live setting. “If people leave the show and don’t have a greater love and appreciation for the band, then we haven’t done our job right,” Holmes said. “When I was younger, a live show made or broke a band in my eyes and I haven’t forgotten that.”

The Underwater live dates:

11/05/08 Wed. Jammin Java, Vienna, VA

11/06/08 Thu. 8x10, Baltimore, MD

11/07/08 Fri. JC Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA

11/08/08 Sat. Bill's Bar, Boston, MA

11/10/08 Mon. Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY

11/11/08 Tue. Reggies Rock, Chicago, IL

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