The Underwater Releases its 'Forces'

With an infectious sound all its own and a determination for success, Pennsylvania's The Underwater appropriately titled its new album, available via Megaforce, "Forces."

"We liked the idea of having a title that described something that was bigger than ourselves moving us forward," said vocalist Dan Thomas. "We hope that is what this album represents to our fans." Musically the group falls somewhere in the midst of pop/rock sensibility and a hardcore rationale.

"We are a melting pot of different styles that are glued together by our singer's voice," said guitarist Matt Holmes. "Sometimes we are heavy, sometimes we are mellow and poppy. I like the idea of being a band that writes whatever we want and has a singer that provides a continuity and consistency in the sound." Adding to the versatile sound of the Underwater is the way in which "Forces" was recorded with three different impressive producers. Grammy award winner Warren Riker (Down, Santana, Lauryn Hill), David Bendeth (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Bruce Hornsby), and local producer Marshall Deasy all help to make "Forces" into a total package.

"It's a producer's job to take a song to a complete place, and each producer had their own vision of what the songs could be," Thomas said. "Warren and David both know how great songs are made. I like the fullness of Bendeth's mixes and the pop sensibility of Warren's mixes. I think we picked the right guy for each song."

Added Holmes: "To have the opportunity to work with producers that are on that level is obviously amazing. I've learned so much about music and songwriting by watching them."

The Underwater has released two EPs since the band formed in 2001, and based on the success of those recordings, the group has had the opportunity to tour American, as well as Europe on more than one occasion.


All that touring has paid off, as The Underwater has released "Forces" to an already-established fan-base, as well as reaching out to new ones. Longtime fans have already voiced excitement over the long-awaited full-length debut. "It's been nice to see people's

enthusiasm for the record after working on it for so long," Holmes said. "We were a little anxious because when you have that much time that you put into something, you can start to doubt and overanalyze the tracks. It definitely seems like people are falling in love with the whole record as opposed to just a few tracks."


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