Chromatic Black Brings Music to Full Color on OK!Good Records

German rock ‘n’ rollers chromatic BLaCK will release their longtime-in-the-making self-titled debut on October 26 via OK!Good Records.

The group’s music is as open to interpretation as its name, which vocalist/synth-man Daniel R. Mueller expounds on with a variety of specific explanations, but can easily be summed up with the concept of diametric opposites – whether it is color or music influences or personalities – all combining to create something uniform.

“Music has to be listened to to be fully understood,” said Mueller.  “The sensory experience can not be described by words.”  With that said, chromatic BLaCK’s sound falls somewhere under the rock ‘n’roll tag, combining old school guitar sounds with new school electronic influences, and drawing comparisons to artists such as Iggy Pop, Bad Religion, and Black Flag.

“While working on new songs and preparing our live set, the electronic influence got more obvious,” Mueller said.  “We constantly develop our sound without losing the roughness of good old rock ‘n’ roll.  There is nothing like an analog guitar sound - but you can still penetrate it with digital elements.”

chromatic BLaCK’s roots can be traced back to a band they called ‘RiffRaff whatever.’  From 1996 to the early 2000s, the band gigged around the local club scene and began to carve their own niche.  With a newly-recorded record in hand, the guys set out to find a record label.  Instead they found producer Joerg Evers, an original punkster from the German band Pack, and re-entered the studio to improve upon the recording and lay down some new tracks.  A band name change occurred due to a legal issue, and with that came a new outlook toward the overall presentation of chromatic BLaCK as an artistic entity and not merely a band.

“For me, music is always connected to the visual world,” said Mueller.  “chromatic BLaCK is not just an audio band but also a visual band: visual rock ‘n’ roll.  In DIY tradition I produce videos, band photos, and artwork.  Many bands give the visual part in other hands...for me this part is as important as the music and so it’s our job to do it.  It all comes together to a single art piece: chromatic BLaCK.”

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