The Donots Reinvent German Punk Rock on New Album, 'The Long Way Home'

In true punk fashion, the Donots take 37 minutes and pack entire musical journey into it on their latest OK!Good Records release, “The Long Way Home, “ which also includes an additional six bonus tracks from the album “Coma Chameleon.”

The difference, though, between the Donots and other punk rock staples is the band’s ability and willingness to grow and progress.  Through a decade and a half-long career, the group has made it a point to follow their hearts and explore different takes on their traditional punk backdrop.

“The Long Way Home” lives up to its name: the record is a trip back home to an era of new wave and Euro synth-pop, combined with the Donots punk sensibility.

The album kicks off with “Changes,” an appropriately-named song for an ever-evolving band, as well as an appropriately-paced track foreshadow the next half-hour of music.  “It sounds like one of those slow motion scenes out of a ‘Rocky’ movie, when Stallone remembers his boxing career and feels like getting into the ring again,” said guitarist Guido Donot.

The following 12 tracks range from full-on flashback radio-friendly pop, such as “Calling” and “Forever Ends Today,” to punk anthems like “Make Believe” or "Dead Man Walking" and even include folk influenced tunes like "Let It Go."

“’Calling’ is probably the most compact and direct one on ‘The Long Way Home’ and includes every aspect I like about the ‘80s: melancholy, restlessness, and a main theme which absolutely demands an additional synthesizer,” said vocalist Ingo Donot.

Meanwhile, “Make Believe” takes a classic punk political lyrical direction, as well a classic punk rock battle between guitars and a shouted chorus.  “This is pretty likely the best link to the old days and songs of our band,” Guido said.  “Once the c-part of the song kicks in, it’s got me jogging at 60 miles per hour.”

Formed 16 years ago in Ibbenbueren, Germany, the Donots have recorded eight albums.  The pairing of Guido and Ingo came naturally, as the two are brothers, and it is reflected in the synergy of their songwriting.  “The Long Way Home” shows a band brimming with confidence and a sophistication not common in a punk rock outfit.

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