Mortiis Readies for Full European Winter Tour with Combichrist

Mortiis will return to the touring circuit this winter with a two-month, full European tour supporting evil-electro outfit Combichrist.

"In some fundamental ways, Combichrist and Mortiis are very different, but in other fundamental ways, we are very much the same," explained vocalist and namesake Mortiis.  "At the end of the day, both bands have this 'f-you' attitude.  It's expressed somewhat differently musically, but energy and attitude-wise we're carrying the same torch, so to speak.  I think fans of both bands will pick up on that."

Mortiis took a break from touring while preparing their latest releases, the soon-to-emerge next album, "the Great Deceiver" and "Perfectly Defect," a totally free digital download.  Unveiled October 10, "Perfectly Defect" is full-length, downloadable album available at  "Perfectly Defect" is the quintessential prelude to the world of "The Great Deceiver" - while the latter is heavier and darker, the former is varied, experimental, and largely instrumental. The bottom line is that "Perfectly Defect" leads into "The Great Deceiver" acting as a crucial stage in the evolution of Mortiis' music.

The group is anxious to get back on stage and is ready to unleash months of pent-up aggression during their live show.  Fans can expect to hear tracks from "Perfectly Defect" and "The Great Deceiver," as well as some older songs with a different twist.

"We've seriously pimped up a selection of older songs that we'll be performing," Mortiis said.  "So, across the board, it will be a new, and for lack of a better expression, very 'pimped up' bunch of songs!"

A tour with Combichrist was imminent.  Aside from having a long acquaintance with Combichrist's founder and Norwegian-native Andy LaPlegua, drummer Joe Letz is an extended member of the Mortiis family.  After connecting with Letz during Mortiis' US tour with the Genitorturers - Letz's former band - the drummer got involved with Mortiis on some of the recording of "The Great Deceiver."

"It was just a question of time until we'd go out on tour together again," Mortiis said.  "Joe is still a part of this band, the way we all see it.  We always have a great time when we're together and I think this is something everyone's been wanting to happen for a while now.  So when the opportunity came about, we pretty much did what had to be done to make it happen."

Monsters on tour 2011

20.01.2011 Sao Mamede, Guimarães, Portugal
21.01.2011 Caracol, Madrid, Spain
22.01.2011 Salamandra 1, Barcelona, Spain
23.01.2011 Totem, Pamplona, Spain
25.01.2011 Ninkasi Kao, Lyon, France
26.01.2011 X-Tra Limmathaus, Zürich, Switzerland
27.01.2011 Tunnels, Milan, Italy
28.01.2011 Alpheus, Rome, Italy
29.01.2011 Velvet, Rimini, Italy
01.02.2011 Le Ferrailleur, Nantes, France
02.02.2011 Le Divan du Monde, Paris, France
03.02.2011 Trix, Antwerp, Belgium
04.02.2011 Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands
05.02.2011 Essigfabrik-PLUSWELT-Festival, Köln (Cologne), Germany
06.02.2011 Tivoli, Bremen, Germany
08.02.2011 Posten, Odense, Denmark
09.02.2011 Forbrændingen, Albertslund (Kopenhagen), Denmark  
11.02.2011 Sticky Fingers, Göteborg, Sweden
12.02.2011 Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway
13.02.2011 Kägelbanan, Stockholm, Sweden
15.02.2011 Yo-Talo, Tampere, Finland
16.02.2011 On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland
18.02.2011 Kosmonaut, St. Petersburg, Russia
19.02.2011 Tochka, Moscow, Russia
20.02.2011 Tele Club, Ekaterinburg, Russia
22.02.2011 Riga Melna Piektdina, Riga, Latvia
24.02.2011 Ucho, Gdynia (Gdansk), Poland
25.02.2011 Berlin Columbia Club, Berlin, Germany
26.02.2011 Bunker/Strasse E, Dresden, Germany
01.03.2011 Silver Church Club, Bukarest, Romania
02.03.2011 RBF, Sofia, Bulgaria
03.03.2011 Mylos Club, Salonica (Thessaloniki), Greece  
04.03.2011 SKC, Belgrade, Serbia
05.03.2011 Boogaloo, Zagreb, Croatia
06.03.2011 Szene Wien, Wien/Vienna, Austria
07.03.2011 A 38, Budapest, Hungary
09.03.2011 Backstage, München, Germany
10.03.2011 Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany
11.03.2011 Meier Music Hall-Festival of Darkness, Braunschweig, Germany
12.03.2011 Universal dog-Dark Dance Treffen, Lahr, Germany

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