TORONTO - Singer/songwriter act SayWeCanFly tackles the many harsh realities of the state of the human race all within less than four minutes in the new animated video for “High School,” the first single from Darling, SayWeCanFly’s debut EP for Epitaph, available today.

"The song is really about how I feel the world has lost its mind, and humans have completely lost touch with each other,” said SayWeCanFly’s Braden Barrie. “People treat each other poorly in high school and it continues on a much larger scale in war, politics and racism. I really wanted to capture the feeling of being alone in a foreign place that makes no sense to the character because he feels hurt by the way things are around him. He just wants to feel loved and he wants others to be happy, and doesn't see a reason for the chaos and pain.?"

Using simple images, the video makes a huge visual impact. “From the very start of the video’s production, I really wanted to combine the strong message behind Braden's lyrics with the theme of its title, 'High School,'” said director John Howe. “Braden describes how the world is full of atrocities, and that it is important to bring awareness to these happenings.”

The video follows a character as he embarks on his first day as an outsider in a new school. The high school represents a miniature society featuring individual students depicting the world’s problems. The character acts as a passenger, allowing the audience to follow his day and witness the contrast between him and the rest of the students. In the end, the sun slowly gravitates towards the Earth before swallowing it whole.

“The ending was very clear to me, thanks to the fact that Braden's lyrics are packed with imagery,” Howe said. “The sun has been seen as a sentient being since the dawn of humanity’s reign. So what would be more fitting end to have the very thing that gave us life take it all away?”

Howe is the director of numerous animated videos and countless lyric videos. The UK-based director previously focused on corporate work before stepping over to music. “It made me realize how much creative freedom the music business has to offer,” he said. “It really makes every project a joy to work on, especially when the artist has a strong core message within the song. What I particularly like about ‘High School’ is that it's daring to speak up about very real issues in our society today. Thanks to the rise of internet culture, I believe that musicians have more of a podium to share their voice than ever before without the fear of being censored.”

"I know we all have a hard time addressing the darkness we know exists in our world,” Barrie said, “but I had to do my best to put those issues in front of everyone in a way I think we can all understand."

“High School” premiered Thursday exclusively on MTVu. The video is now available to view on YouTube at