OSLO, Norway - Vardøger, the first of three short films by noted Norwegian shock filmmaker Reinert Kiil and set to Mortiis' "Geisteskrank," will officially see release today, debuting on Decibel magazine's website at 11 a.m. EDT.

Kiil's mind-blowing visuals accompany Mortiis' track, recorded during the same sessions that yielded Mortiis' latest work, The Great Deceiver.

"The video unpleasantness continues," said Mortiis, who has already unveiled three graphically-intense videos from

The Great Deceiver. "A while back Norwegian horror director Reinert Kiil started his short film trilogy based on his own ugly descent into depravity and violence. Never ones to turn our backs to a good cause, we leaped at the opportunity to provide the soundtrack to what is essentially a good old bashing.

Vardøger is the first part. I've seen the next one, and it just keeps getting worse."

Kiil began toying around with filmmaking as an adolescent. The director has now gained notoriety as Norway's only Grindhouse filmmaker. Kiil's work with Mortiis is his first musical collaboration. Both parties were intrigued by the idea of delving into the other's artform, but both were waiting to find that kindred soul to capture a shared essence. Mortiis and Kiil found that in each other.

"The music is sonically fused with a glimpse of his soul - or crazed mind or whatever it might be - and it is complete, a sordid success," Mortiis said. "The result is sleazy, strange, disturbing, and extremely violent."

Vardøger featuring "Geisteskrank"

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