HARTFORD, Conn. - Enemy Remains drummer Steve Zimmerman will take a break from his current band this weekend to head to the prestigious ProgPower USA festival, where he will hit the stage with his former band, Fates Warning, for a huge reunion show.

Image: Enemy Remains, Steve Zimmerman, Mazur PR, Michael MazurZimmerman will join the original lineup of Fates Warning, including John Arch, to perform the band's groundbreaking 1986 album, Awaken the Guardian, in its entirety.

"It's unbelievable that after 30 years the fans still appreciate the music from Awaken the Guardian, giving us the opportunity to perform this reunion show in Atlanta," said Zimmerman. "I'm grateful for the chance to play for and meet the fans from around the world who treasure this album. Knowing this allows me to be proud of what we accomplished 30 years ago."

Zimmerman, who is focused on the upcoming release from Enemy Remains, which features the video for the single "No Faith in Humanity," reflects on what made Fates Warning so influential:

"I feel the fact that Fates kinda set ourselves apart from the basic music writing. We wrote songs that challenged our musical abilities with off-time measures and beats. We forced ourselves to play out of the pocket and kind of, what I'm told, created that whole progressive metal genre. Believe it or not, new fans I meet think Dream Theater came before Fates Warning because of their mainstream success, but true Fates fans know we had already released our second album, The Spectre Within, when Dream Theater (with all respect) came out."

After his reunion with Fates Warning, Zimmerman will return home to begin playing shows with Enemy Remains in support of the new EP, also titled No Faith in Humanity, available October 30. The video for "No Faith in Humanity" can be viewed here:

Enemy Remains -


Enemy Remains - "No Faith in Humanity"



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