Image: The StriveKANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Strive has released a video for the song "Kingdom" today, taken from their brand new Modern Pace album, available October 18.

"Shooting 'Kingdom' was a BLAST!" said drummer Nick Stacy. "It was one of the most physically rigorous things we have ever done as a band. It took a total of 24 hours to do the first shoot."

The band chose "Kingdom" as the first single because of its insightful lyrics, which mirror the turbulent climate facing society today. "'Kingdom' has a very powerful social message that we want our fans to hear and connect with," said bassist Michael Zenk. "It is about the oppression that society faces by people in power, and how people need to keep a mindset to can stay in control of their own lives. When you make a choice to take control of your own life and live how you truly want to live, you find self-empowerment. When we as a people choose to unite, we find great power."

The video features a unique studio performance with thought-provoking visual clips supporting the message of the song.

"Watch it, listen to it, connect with it, rock out to it, cry to it, share it with others, love it," Stacy said.

The Strive celebrate the release of Modern Pace with a release party and live performance at Prohibition Hall in Kansas City on October 6. Modern Pace will be available October 14 via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and more.

The Strive will join Metro Station and Palaye Royale on this fall's Savior Tour beginning October 18.

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